Complete Food

Your new daily meal! Contains all the vitamins, minerals, carbs, fat, protein & sugar you need.

Oh & by the way...if you don’t like the taste...we'll take it back!

Achieve your goals with SoSupreme®

Lose Weight? Eat Healthy? Build Muscle? We can help.

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Complete Nutrition

New to Protein Powders? We made ours with newbies in mind. Tasty nutrition you can rely on.

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Honesty is Our Favourite Policy

Would you like to know the truth? Producing nutrition is now at exceptional levels. There are lots of excellent brands out there & it's difficult to find a product that ISN'T good. Is SoSupreme® like other premium products? Yes! But with 2 major differences!

1. It tastes better

2. It's the most sustainable on the planet

Still don't believe us? Buy our Taster Pack & try it for yourself.

Refill & Save

Save money and the planet with our zero plastic refill bags. Easy to store! Easy to refill! Easy to throw away.

The World's no.1 Sustainable Nutrition Brand

A big claim, we know! But we stand by it. Since we launched in 2015 we haven't used ANY plastic in our packaging.

Sustainability is our biggest priority. After you of course.